An old pet project based on Sencha Ext JS and Apache OFBiz

Play with the DEMO using username: scrum and password: scrum

Couple of years ago while working on software project we used Pivotal Tracker as our project management tool. It was a great free SAAS when it suddenly changed its terms and conditions and became a paid one. As a developer with great enthusiasm I said to myself "I know a great UI library (with not so great license) - Sencha Ext JS and great backend project with not so great UI - Apache OFBiz, why not combine them and create something better and still free". After couple of months I created LazyPlanner and realized that it is full with free project management tools out there, so it never went live. I wish I had read Eric Ries's The Lean Startup book earlier and had not started my idea by coding it first.

Any way, now I found this old project on my computer and put it on github. It is a standard component for OFBiz which works just by putting it in hot-deploy folder. For this demo installation I put some data and created a project with couple of task lists (called sprints) and few tasks. It supports multiple projects, with multiple tasks lists and tasks... It will be also running on the cloud for couple of days, so play with it and if you find it appealing get the code and use it on your own risk.


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