Must Read Free Kubernetes Books

There is a rise in offerings of free educational content, free software, free cloud resources with the single goal of capturing the new kingmaker's attention. In a similar spirit, here I want to quickly share my favorite Kubernetes related books offered free of charge. I've read and found them all very useful at different stages of my learning. The list contains books that are sponsored and offered free of charge but in most cases that is for exchange of your contact details. If you prefer not to give your details, you can go to Amazon, buy the data-capture-free book instead, and support the authors (such as me). I think it is a privilege to work in this industry and I'm thankful for these authors and companies offering the choice of free-of-charge books.  Enjoy the list, and don’t come back here saying “This is not free…why are you saying it is free... blah-blah". Here are my best of Kubernetes free picks, happy learning.


Must Read Free Kubernetes Books

Must Read Free Kubernetes Books

Here are also SRE Books you can read online for free:

SRE Books by Google

There are also other honorable mentions, but these are shorter editions (less than 100 pages) and for me these qualify as books written with marketing in mind. Yet I found these books useful and a great value for money ;)

Hope you enjoy the list! Share it, and comment with your free picks!

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