About Me

Hi, my name is Bilgin Ibryam and welcome to my blog!
I'm a software craftsman based in London, integration architect at Red Hat, Apache OFBiz and Apache Camel committer. My expertise includes OFBiz (Enterprise Resource Planning), Camel (application integration), AWS (Amazon Web Services), MOM (Message Oriented Middleware), API integrations, TDD (Test Driven Development), Software Craftsmanship, etc. I'm also the author of Instant Apache Camel Message Routing book.

On this blog you will find my notes about Programming, Open Source, Camel and OFBiz, AWS, Messaging, etc.

My posts are also published on DZone and Java Code Geeks. If you have any inquiries, you can reach me at: info [at] ofbizian [dot] com or at any of the social channels listed on the right-hand side.