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Hello, my name is Bilgin Ibryam (@bibryam) and welcome to my blog! I'm a software craftsman based in London, a principal architect at Red Hat, an ASF member, Apache Isis, Apache Camel and Apache OFBiz committer, speaker, author, and a blogger. I'm an open source fanatic, passionate about blockchain, distributed systems, and enterprise application integration. In my day-to-day job, I enjoy mentoring, training and leading teams to be successful with integration, microservices, cloud-native technologies and practices.

I'm also the author of Kubernetes Patterns, Camel Design Patterns and Instant Apache Camel Message Routing books. On this blog, you will find my thoughts about Blockchain, Open Source, Apache Camel, Apache Isis, Apache OFBiz, Kubernetes, Cloud Native, etc. My posts are also published on InfoQ, DZone, Java Code Geeks, Red Hat Developer, OpenSource, The New Stack, Kubernetes, JAX Magazine and other blogs.

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If you have any inquiry, you can reach me at: bibryam [at] gmail [dot] com or tweet to me @bibryam.

About Me