Open Source Monetization Ecosystem Review

Open source is a distributed innovation model that lacks distributed funding. It allows individuals with a common passion to collaborate and produce value but not capture it. It is a production factory, without a sales counter. That is why many open source contributors are not getting a fair return. That is why many companies capture value from open source but without paying back. That is why many independent open source builders use alternative means to fund themselves. That is why open source is not a business model. It is a production model, monetization not-included. But there is hope, there is change.

Open source monetization journey for individuals

Open source is an innovation model and it is going to innovate its monetization too. There are new ways for fans to support the creative work of open source builders. There are ways to create online courses and monetize knowledge. There are new ways to create digital goods with accompanying services and sell them online for a fiver. Ways to start newsletters and make money from your audience. Ways to measure an open source contributor's merit, incentivize it, and trade it. Decentralized protocols for staking tokens and support open source through interest rather than donations.

99 Ways to Make Money with Open Source as an Individual

There is an open source monetization revolution happening right now and I'll explore the whole spectrum of open source monetization projects at Open Core Summit Digital. Join me on December 16th-18th where I will talk about "99 Ways to Make Money with Open Source as an Individual".

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