A geeky laptop skin

Recently we had a company meetup where the team leads talked about the Red Hat culture, mission and values. Inspired by all the talks and the stickers on the table that day, I've created my first laptop skin. And the result was this:
Red Hat - the Open Source Catalyst
In case you want to create something similar here the steps I took:

1. Pick some nerdy words. I picked all the middleware project names that Red Hat contributes to (I've never realized there were that many).  Removed some that are not so cool any longer (EJB3) and added few other hot projects (Kubernetes, Apache isis, OFBiz).

2. Created the cloud tag using the above words and the shadowman picture at Tagul. You can log in and edit my existing desing for a quicker sticker.

3. Exported the image from step 2 and created a Mac skin at wrappz which costs around £15. (The following discount code should give you 20% off Bilgin20 and some royalties for me).

Attached is the transparent image used for the skin and the editable version is at Tagul.

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